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travelling wilburys

Eat Like A Rock Star

Growing up in Regina means you have to manage expectations, but things are changing. I never thought I’d see a Grey Cup game in the Queen City and we’re hosting for the third time this year.  And I never, ever thought Regina would host the Juno Awards but here they are, this week, at the Agridome.  Wow. What […]

Child with bread

Hold The Salt

Allison and her young son Logan love coming to the bakery. We’re always glad to see them because Logan is a really cute little fella and Allison loves to talk bread. Allison is deeply interested in ingredients because Logan’s having some issues and can only have a tiny bit of sodium in his diet. Logan […]

A little Bootnik enjoying his unsliced French Loaf

Praise For The Unsliced Loaf

Our mechanical bread slicer is on the fritz these days. I replaced the piston that pushes the loaf through the blades and replaced the blades too. 32 steel blades specifically designed to slice crusty artisan bread like we bake at Orange Boot Bakery. It’s still not working the way I want, though. If I try […]

A Walnut Raisin Sourdough which has kept well for 5 days

Storing Your Orange Boot Bread

This Walnut Raisin Sourdough is four days old. I had a slice for lunch today and it was delicious! Have you ever seen those pictures of a fast food hamburger that can sit, unchanged, for months at a time? Well, that’s not going to happen with Orange Boot bread. Even though our bread keeps well […]

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