You can bake great bread and sweets at home. Honest!

We've baked bread in a home oven, a wood fired brick oven and in our own bakery.

Now we’re sharing everything we’ve learned about baking and owning a bakery.

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Baking Great Bread

Final Proof - 1h 20m

Learning Loaf 6e: Proof and Bake

This is the latest instalment of our Learning Loaf series.  We've talked about ingredients, mixing, bulk fermentation and shaping.  Now we're going to bake the loaf! Now that your Learning Loaf is … [More]


Learning Loaf 6d: Divide and Shape

Your Learning Loaf dough has been sitting for 1 hour 30 minutes, rising, strengthening the gluten and developing flavour. Now we need to take a few minutes to shape the dough into nice loaves of … [More]

Learning Loaf 6c: Bulk Fermentation

The bulk fermentation stage is where you get to take a break and let your little helpers (yeast, enzymes, bacteria and gluten) take over.  So while they take over for the next 45 minutes, pour … [More]

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Great People and Places

Bagel Neon Sign

Doing it Their Way: Big Bang Bagels

We took a trip out to Fernie BC after Christmas so Ben could do some skiing and the rest of us could give it a try, or otherwise play in the snow. One of the biggest surprises of the trip was how cool … [More]

Chris playing slide guitar with a bench scraper

Open House 2015 Recap

On June 27 we held our fifth annual Open House.  This year's event was our best yet, I think.  It seemed like we had more people than ever make a special trip down to the bakery for a chat and a … [More]

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